Executive Summary

  • Give your business a headstart for business innovation and productivity

    Executive Summary

    The Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EP) is a initiative created by the main organiser, namely Austin International Management School (AIMS). The founder of AIMS is Dr Leong Horn Kee. The EDP primary purpose is to create a training programme where Singaporean and foreign promising entrepreneurs could have an avenue to better prepare and train themselves to achieve in the challenges of starting, building and expanding a business – with particular emphasis on business innovation and productivity excellence.

    The EP has the apt tagline of “Give your business a headstart – for business innovation and productivity”

    Objectives of the EP training seminar

    The primary objective of EP is that AIMS strives to provide an avenue whereby entrepreneurs in Singapore have the opportunity to acquire at very basic and expeditious manner certain appreciation and basic knowledge to start a business. In cases where the founders of local start-ups have already commenced on their business operations, the EP aims to give them a set of fundamental knowledge that can help pave the road for their future success.   Therefore, to address the above necessity, the EP programme is created by AIMS with the following 3 main features:

    1. A highly relevant and concise training course.
    2. A Mentoring  scheme.
    3. A business connection club.


    The first main feature of EP is the manner of delivery is through the organization of training courses covering 2 full days of teaching, interaction, discussion and consultation. The topics to be covered will include developing a business plan (in 3 stages), basic concepts that start-up managers should know such as strategic planning, business innovation, operational productivity, sales and marketing, understanding accounts, human resource management, media relations and others.

    Specialists may be invited to give talks on selected topics relevant to the start-ups. Whenever appropriate and opportune, successful entrepreneurs may be invited to deliver talks and share their experiences with the seminar participants.

    The second unique feature of the EP is the Panel of Mentors. It is intended that successful businessmen will be invited to be Mentors who can provide guidance and counsel to the participants of the EP seminars. These Mentors come from different business sectors and are personalities who have achieved a high level of success in their chosen business fields. They are prepared to “give back to society” by offering to counsel and advice budding entrepreneurs on a mutual goodwill basis.

    A third main feature of the EP is the formation of  “The Entre Club (EC)”. Participants of the EP seminar will be eligible to join the TEC. One of the highlights of the EC is to organize evening sessions where members can meet to share and exchange ideas. They will also be able to attend talks by recognized and notable personalities organized by EC.

    Training Seminar structure

    The seminar will be conducted by Dr Leong Horn Kee and specialist speakers over 2 full days. Additional speakers will be invited where appropriate so as to provide expert discourses on selected useful topics, such as innovation, productivity, financial accounts, human resource management and press & media relations.

    The training seminar size is targeted to be 30.

    Developing a Business Plan

    A unique feature of the EP training seminar is that participants are required to prepare a brief outline of a business concept (Level 1) before the training seminar. During the training period, they will be taught fuller details on the preparation of a business plan (Level 2). A month after the training seminar, participants will be encouraged to submit their comprehensive business plans (Level 3). Finally, personalized feedback and counseling sessions will be arranged for Dr Leong, specialists and/or relevant mentors to review and critic the business plans.

    Panel of Mentors

    A very high level Panel of Mentors is created with successful businessmen, experts and specialists who have attained success in their respective fields. These Mentors are persons who are mature, professional and established. After attaining fair level of success in their lives, these persons are now willing and enthusiastic to contribute back to society. One manner of doing so is by being mentors to budding entrepreneurs. They are prepared to share their rich experiences and provide goodwill counseling and advice to participants who are keen to speak to the Mentors and seek advice. The manner of sharing is non-formal and through mutual agreement to form a mentor-mentee relationship.

    The Mentors include personalities who have won recognized awards such as Businessman of the Year, headed large public and private bodies, run conglomerates and listed companies as CEOs and Chairmen. Several have also started their own private businesses and achieved success.

    The Entre Club

    The participants of the EP training courses will be invited to join The Entre Club. The club aims to bring together young and determined entrepreneurs who wish to get together to share ideas, concepts and experiences. They may also attend talks by successful personalities.


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