The Entre Club 企业会

  • The Entre Club (TEC) is a entrepreneurship promotion and development community organized by Austin International Management School (AIMS) to help foster and nurture growth and expansion of the entrepreneur talent pool in Singapore. The TEC is a community for like-minded business people to gather and share business experiences.

    The TEC consists of four main elements:

    • Entre Programme
    • Entre Mentors
    • Entre Invest
    • Entre Network


    Entre Programme

    This is a specialized training programme created by AIMS to provide basic training in much needed core skills in innovation and productivity for business leaders and managers in areas such as leadership, internationalization, sales and marketing, finance, human resource, media, government and private funding sources. One important feature of the Entre Programme is that participants aided to draft, prepare and present their business plans.

    Persons who successfully completed the Entre Programme are called “Entre members” and automatically become members of The Entre Club.

    Entre Mentors

    The Entre Mentors are a pool of selected and highly experienced professionals and successful business leaders who are prepared to provide mentorship to the participants of the Entre Programme (Entre members). They will establish a mutually agreeable and amenable mentor-mentor relationship with selective-matched participants, and will help to critic and guide the business plans of the mentees.

    Entre Invest

    The Entre Invest is an arrangement where the TEC will assist Entre members to approach, apply and source for funds from the appropriate fund sources such as angel investors, private equity funds, venture funds and government grants. The scheme is conducted in collaboration with a financial advisory and corporate finance boutique firm, which can provide professional assistance in this specialized service.

    The TEC intends to conduct investment seminars where Entre members can present their business plans to an invited pool of private investors, fund managers and business leaders. Where mutually agreeable, fund mangers and business leaders may decide to invest in the businesses of the Entre members.

    Entre Network

    The Entre Network is the community encompassing TEC, mentors, members, and associates for them to gather and interact, so as to share experiences, exchange ideas and network. Mentors and special guests are invited to give talks to Entre members at previews and interactive sessions. Where desired, tours to visit other companies and business establishments may be conducted.


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