Panel of Mentors

  • Panel of Mentors (POM)

    A Panel of Mentors (POM) is created with successful businessmen, experts and specialists who have attained success in their respective fields. These Mentors are persons who are mature, professional and established. After attaining fair level of success in their lives, these persons are now willing and enthusiastic to contribute back to society. One manner of doing so is by being mentors to budding entrepreneurs. They are prepared to share their rich experiences and provide goodwill counseling and advice to participants who are keen to speak to the Mentors and seek advice. The manner of sharing is non-formal and through mutual agreement to form a mentor-mentee relationship.

    The Mentors include personalities who have won recognized awards such as Businessman of the Year, headed large public and private bodies, run conglomerates and listed companies as CEOs and Chairmen. Several have also started their own private businesses and achieved success.

    The Mentors will be invited to give talks to The Entre Club, and participate in TEC events.