About AIMS

  • Austin International Management School (AIMS)

    AIMS is founded by Dr Leong Horn Kee in 2008. In creating this school, Dr Leong aims to venture into the business space of providing avenues and training courses where Singaporean and foreign entrepreneurs can acquire the necessary basic skill sets to be better businessmen.

    Dr Leong recognises that to be successful, a budding businessperson must have very strong internal self-motivation and drive. However, to enhance his chances of success, it is imperative that he could have access to opportunities where he can learn and acquire the same basic business knowledge which he could be lacking, in either understanding of the need for business innovation, how to attain higher productivity, business strategy, or marketing skills. In addition, most young entrepreneurs would lack the benefit of benevolent and experienced mentor. And finally, he may have limited business contacts.

    Besides providing the above schemes, AIMS intends to organise talks and overseas business visits. In addition, AIMS intends to be a school that in future will provide other related courses and programmes such as a Chinese version of EP programme, EMBA, management training courses and specialised diplomas in management related subjects.


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